Little Lady December
Little Lady December

She was born in early December. When you hear December, perhaps you think of thick layers of snow and hot cups of tea. While hot cups of tea are definitely available in Leuven, snow is usually not around in winter time. Spending my childhood in Germany, I am so used to this thought of crisp and clear air outside and rooftops crowned with funny white hats. But times have changed and Belgium is definitely not a country to get stereotypical winter feelings in.

When cycling to Little Lady December’s house, I was not exactly sad about that. No snow means safe bike riding most of the year and that is a great thing indeed!

Little Lady December was 11 days old when I met her and took her photographs. What a sweet little girl! We found the spots with the best light in her family’s house, created a comfy place for her to be photographed, took a few images in her yet-too-big crib and she slept peacefully through most of the photo shoot. There is such joy in meeting a newborn baby! Just the thought that she has it all in front of her, here whole life ahead of her like a duvet of snow no one has left a mark on yet.

One reason I do not like to create styled and heavily posed newborn photo shoots is because I prefer images that show the newborn baby how he/she really looks on an everyday basis.

Unless of course being swaddled is part of what happens for a particular newborn baby and she usually wears headbands and lies in a nest of colorful shawls or sleeps in tiny baskets. I doubt though that is is the case for most newborn babies. There is so much beauty in a newborn baby that it needs little else than good light and the baby itself, I think.

The advantage of not swaddling is that newborn babies move in a certain way and being able to capture some of their natural positions is priceless because they will grow out of them over time. For some newborn babies it is however soothing to be swaddled and then it is a great method to use to make your baby feel comfortable.

A new baby is like the beginning of all things – wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities.
Eda J. Le Shan

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