The story of little Mo

Why “Little Mo”, you wonder? What does it mean? Well, let me explain…

The name “Little Mo” is a reference to my photographic approach and capturing the little moments in life. It is also a reference to the name of my photography business, Momentuum photography. But most of all, it comes from a fraction of a story about a fictive character that has been lingering on my mind: Little Mo. Today I would love to share it with you!

Imagine a little girl.  Not a character to care too much about glitter or pink skirts. Wild hair, very cheeky smile. A whirlwind. She loves to explore the world around her. One of her favorite things of all times are puddles. If you see her outside on a rainy day with a beam of sunshine in her eye, rosy cheeks, wellies on her feet, be rest asssured she is off to the next giant puddle. And you should see her run towards it an jump into it! Better keep your distance though, or else you might experience a one-of-a-kind shower!

The water cascades around her, she jumps vigorously with no attention to detail, no worries about getting wet. She forgets the world around her, she is just absorbed in play. She is diving into this very moment, finding utter satisfaction in the gigantic effect she has on her surroundings. Completely oblivious to time, she is in her adventure and the world is all hers.

When you see her like that, be careful and make sure you don’t wear your best suit or most elegant dress!  Little Mo  is highly contagious, before long, you might end up jumping puddles, too!

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