When we look at our children, we get the chance to see a lot of discovery, emotion, we see life. We see the reason we get up in the morning, also when we are tired. Our children are explorers, they are the makers of their own stories and the heroes and heroine in their adventures. They try and fail, they search, they invent, they play. And in all of that, they learn. About themselves, about the world, also about us, their parents.

My name is Andrea and I love children and love learning from them. Children are amazing. Also, I am passionate about photography. Which is why I created Little Mo. I am the photographer at Little Mo, which is part of my photography business Momentuum photography. Little Mo is specialized on documentary baby and child portraiture. It is really an homage to the first 10 years of life. 10 years of incredible development and 10 years that I have been on the journey of being a parent.

I am an occupational therapist turned psychology researcher turned photographer. To me, photography is a way of seeing, a perspective changer, of finding raw beauty, of embracing real moments. It is magic. It is about making the ordinary unforgettable.

I use photography to tell a story about your child to show the tremendous person your child is.


Being a parent myself, I know that time is not standing still. Having the intense phase of toddler tantrums left behind is great on one hand, but the fact that your child won’t ever be that small again can feel a little sad on the other. A bit of bitter and sweet all at the same time.

Despite of our inability to turn back time whenever we would like it to happen, photographs help us remember and relive moments from years back. Sometimes moments that we had forgotten even existed or evidence that is now hard to believe: Were those baby feet really THAT small?

From my own experience, photographs have a value that increases with time. It is through them that your child later on tries to understand its own growing up. Rooted in this belief, I have crafted Little Mo with the desire to create works of art for you and your children that last a lifetime and bring about new moments of being together and remembering together.


Taking photographs of your child means being there for your child. To play, to listen, to be quiet, to be loud, to be funny, to be serious, to draw, to read or play hide and seek. I am chiming in with what your child loves doing.

And this is when the magic happens.

The camera is just there, a part of the play, but not the main character. That is your child, the hero/ine of his/her own story.

It does not matter whether your child is a late or early walker, whether he is shy or she is bold. Your child is unique and wonderful and does not need to do anything or be anyone else than him/herself.

The little things and what seem to be insignificant moments are often the most powerful later on. I look for and capture these little things for you to remember forever.

Natural images, as raw and real as can be. Playful, explorative and encouraging. This is how I like to approach taking photographs of your child..
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