The first year of life is such as miracle, amazing, intense and over before you know it! Parents are hard in demand for calming and carrying, feeding and interactive play. The first year of  is a one of a kind year that is never to return!

How can you make sure you carry this unique time into your future? Little Mo is here to help with that.

How? By making sure you can (literally) picture that time and remember the little things. Andh help you remember how your baby became so big.

Little Mo is all about stages. The stage your baby is in right now and what that means to you and your family. The real, the intense, the beautiful and imperfect fabric that life with a baby is made of.

You can book a single photo session at one point during the first year of life, book a documentary shoot for special celebrations or…you can go all in and give yourself an exclusive present: Developmental photo documentations.



What is your approach to photographing babys?

Baby photo sessions at Little Mo are different. No studio, no cake smash.

A baby photo session at Little Mo is about capturing what the life of your baby looks like, what your baby has learnt, what he or she is busy with right now and all the details this involves. New tooth since last week? Let’s make sure we capture that! Favourite toy at the moment? Needs to be there, too! And how about that food exploration? Does your baby like broccoli right now? Or rather carrot? Let’s capture it and transform it into a memory that you can share and relive.

Where do we do the photo session?

Your home or your favourite outdoor location, even your everyday walk to the grocery store, they all can be the backdrop for creating beautiful imagery that reflects your baby and also your family’s life.

We plan the session and the location beforehand and adapted to the needs and wishes of your family. If you have any questions concerning location, please do not hesitate to get in touch!

How long does the photo session take?

I like to adapt to you and your baby and take my time. Good moments and good images cannot be rushed ;-).  That’s why one session might be shorter and another one longer.  But on average between 1 and 2 hours.

At what stage during the first year of life is it best to have a baby photoshoot?

Any time during the first year of life is a good time for a photo shoot, given that your baby is healthy and you have 1-2 hours of free time for the session!

But given that babys grow fast and go through major changes in their first year of life, choosing a time depends also on whether you as parents have already certain ideas about which phase you would like to be captured. Do you imagine images of your baby sitting up? Crawling? Walking? Would you like those first little teeth to be captured?

If you cannot quite decide, fear not! I also offer regular follow-up photo shoot throughout the first year of life, to document your baby’s development!

Do you offer services for baby receptions, baptisms or other family celebrations?

Yes, I offer family event photo documentations. Since family celebrations differ in terms of location, duration and so forth, it is difficult to offer ready-made-packages for family events. Please get in touch and tell me more about the event you have in mind so I can create in individual offer for you!

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