“Kids” is what Little Mo means with children between 4 and 10 years. A wonderful, actually quite huge time window full of explorations, learning and discoveries that go beyond the toddlers’ horizon.


Children between 4 and 10 are magnificent. Their stories, the way the experience and talk about the world. There is such a lot of growth and development in this time window and so many moments when you as a parent get the chance to be surprised, to laugh and to get the chance to join into your child’s adventures.

Photographing your child is not about “doing a photo session”. This is not a kind of event you take your child to, all neatly dressed up, with lots of stress before and lots of pressure about do’s and don’ts.

This is about finding space to be. To not rush. To enjoy and to play. This is about spending time together and capturing the story that evolves. It’s the magic of the moment. The beauty of the ordinary and imperfection.


So what do you do during a photo session?


Before the session, we talk about what you are actually looking for. What kind of images? Are you looking for portraits? A documentation of an event or certain moment in the life of your child? And what would you like the images for?  Would you like to create a photographic story book? Or do you imagine having a large art print on your wall? Would you like to create cards and send them to your family? Or to create a calendar for next year for the grandparents?

The answer to these questions determine the result, so we create the session “backwards”. Once we know what you are looking for, we find the best possible way to do it. In terms of location, time, setting, duration and style.

For an event, I will be in the background, capturing the magic in silence and as unnoticed as possible. For portraits of your child, I will be playing with your child, doing whatever he or she feels most comfortable with and finds most joy in. We usually have a blast together and making kids feel comfortable and giggle is one of my “superpowers”!

I will not tell your child to stand still or smile. I will create a game that will make sure your child starts laughing, so we capture the “real thing”. No fake smiles!

No dressing up? But what if I am looking for communion portraits of my child?

Then that’s no problem at all! We can still create very natural and playful images while being dressed nicely!

I think particularly for communion portraits it is important to bring out the personality of your child, to make sure the images are not just “pretty pictures” but really show who your child is, as special as he/she is.

If you have special ideas or wishes for communion images, please get in touch and let’s discuss the possibilities together!


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