Soon, your baby will be born. A new start, a new life, all head of you and your family. My most heartfelt congratulations!

Newborn babies take us onto a journey as parents, as grandparents, brothers and sisters. They turn our life up side down and give us a sense of wonder and expectation that cannot be compared with anything else.

Perhaps your family is far away and you would like them to have the opportunity to participate in your life. Or you want to make sure you will remember these first days of your child’s life.

Let me help you make it happen! What I want to give you with my newborn portraits is a memory of what life for your baby was like in the first days/weeks.



What's your approach to photographing newborn babies?

I keep things as easy and natural as possible. No swaddling, flower ornaments, baskets or pumpkins. I think that there is nothing to add to a newborn baby. They are wonderful and amazing as they are, so I don’t see any need for “styling”.

What I do take care of is however that I find (or create) good light. Also, particularly for portraits or close-ups of your baby, I make sure I remove objects from the background or surrounding that would be distracting in the image. That’s the bit of tweaking that I apply, but that’s usually not necessary for all images.

For the newborn session, I incorporate a variety of images, some with your baby only, some details of your baby, some images of you and your baby, images of your partner and the baby, all of you in action…I got you covered. If you have something particular in mind, we incorporate those images as well.

How would you describe your style?

Minimalistic, natural, detail oriented and with a love for movement. I have heard clients say that they find the movement in the images something very characteristic for my photographic style. Which is one more reason for me not to swaddle or create unnatural positions. I think that the newborn movements are wonderful and very characteristic, absolutely worth capturing in images.

When is a good time for a newborn session?

Ideally, in the first 2-3 weeks after the birth of your baby. Best to book the session well in advance (2-3 months before).

Where do you photograph our newborn baby?

I come to your home for the photo session and I bring all the equipment that is necessary along. Why? Because, from a documentary aspect, I find it most meaningful to take these images at your home. Also, you don’t need to go anywhere :-).

HELP! No time! Do I need to tidy our home for your visit?

Absolutely not! If tidying your home is very important for you during the first weeks at home with your baby, of course, do what is best for you!

But for the sake of the images, you do not need to invest time into cleaning and tidying. And not for me in any case! I know what it is like to have a newborn…no worries!

In case this is needed during the session, I will be there for you to help if we need to shift a few things around to get a certain shot.

A new baby is like the beginning of all things – wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities.

Eda J. Le Shan

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