It is great to see your child being able to take leaps into the world, moving on their own feet, isn’t it? But it is also a time when your attention system remains on alert mode because the explorations of toddlers are frequently…let’s say…beyond what one could imagine. With a toddler, things start to shift. Or, as the character Lawrence Kutner put it:

“The fundamental job of a toddler is to rule the universe.”

Having two children who once went through the stage of being a toddler, I am very aware of that. One thing that remained for me are images that bring  memories and stories and that warm the heart.

I would love for you to say the same in the future and I would be honoured to share a bit of your journey and document your toddler’s adventures!


What is important for a photo session with a toddler. Having time. Being flexible. Going with the flow and, most importantly, play!

I absolutely love toddlers and it is my pleasure to find just the right way to play with your child and wait for the right moments to emerge.

Where do we do the photo session?

Great question! That is something we decide together.

Going outside is a great choice, to burn some energy, to capture your child in action and to get images with nature as the backdrop.

However, also images at your home can be great if there is space to play! The advantage of taking images at your home and even in your child’s room is that it is more personal and shows other aspects of your daily life with your little one.

We talk about location when we plan the session and decided together where it will be best, depending on your child and family, your location and the time of the year.


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